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Indie singer/songwriter Stephcynie (pronounced stef-sih-nee) pops on our radar with the heartfelt, anthemic record titled "Boom Clap (Good With Words)". Armed with her enchanting, alluring vocals she dwells on falling deeply in love while pointing out all the extra things that come with the feeling. She knows what she wants and encourages her partner to be forthcoming and not string her along. 

Tayo Odutola


Rapfest ‘I Don’t Love You’ feature

Produced by Nashville’s Joshua Niles and performed by solely local musicians, the project’s meticulously crafted tracks allow for Stephcynie to deliver every lyric with its original sentiment, thus preserving the particularities & personal details of her journey. I Don’t Love You tells a tale as old as time, rewritten by Stephcynie, with a happily ever after twist; reflecting her personal dating experiences, Stephcynie’s only qualm seems to be with her ability to make the right choice, a foreign feeling for a generally poised person.

Slimdrew. ‘Atlanta’ Interview

Supported by a sparse but capable soundbed, “Atlanta” soars from beginning to end.  As the third single released this year, it is a real accomplishment for Stephcynie.  On this track, her vocals are measured and remain in a narrow range but that does not reflect poorly on her singing ability.  Instead, her voice advances the tonal theme of the song by remaining consistent and deliberate which is consistent with the main premise.

Ron Worthy

now/it’s nashville live show review

All in all, you’d be hard pressed to have found a better example of the light in an otherwise dark and distressing day and age than Stephcynie’s I Don’t Love You release show. It was a celebration, a commendation, and if nothing else, a reminder that even if for a moment, everything is going to be alright, as long as there’s a community of positivity and inclusivity around. So for that, Stephcynie deserves her own share of praise and thanks for endorsing a little light through the celebration of her own achievement. Here’s to many more moments just like it.

Sean McHugh