Stephcynie curry | joshua blaylock

Stephcynie curry | joshua blaylock

Detail 1

Verse 1

My heart beats to the sound of you

Your summer breeze a playful tease, love

The note you sent me in the fall

Was walking real close to that line, love


Pre Chorus

That time you kept my eyes locked

Your lips barely missed mine

When you leaned over and kissed me on my cheek



We are more than friends

Even though we keep pretending

How we feel ain’t the normal thing

I can see straight through

Your heart’s fighting your mind too

I just can’t fake it anymore


Verse 2

I catch you staring all the time

When I look up you slowly shift your eyes

Our chemistry can’t be denied

But out of respect for you I’ve tried to hide


PRE chorus

Every time you keep my eyes locked

Your lips barely miss mine

I won’t stop you if you try

So next time do not hesitat



Am I dreaming or am I reading into your kindness

For some reason I’m convinced that there’s been more behind us

I’m pouring out my heart, please stop me if I’m being foolish

They way you’re looking at me now gives me all confidence, I know….

Detail 2

Detail 3